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NewCap Captive Services is more than just a game-changing captive program, it’s the culmination of a 20 year partnership between two great companies: BizAssure and Workers’ Compensation Company of America (WCCA). This partnership means amazing exclusive benefits to every captive member, taking the best of both companies and creating a captive like never before. As a result, NewCap Captive Service provides one of the absolute lowest costing programs for qualified members. We’ve even backed all of this up with a third party actuarial study of our data that shows the amazing potential results of the revolutionary new captive service.

Steve Williams

Steve is true pioneer and cutting edge innovator in the workers’ compensation cost management industry. Starting in 1991 Steve helped implement and market of one of the first workers’ compensation claim management software program. This led to the creation and co-founding of the first value-based workers’ compensation-only retail insurance agency in 1993. That morphed into the creation of the first value-based workers compensation-only wholesale insurance agency in 1995. Inside the intention to make the workers’ compensation system work more equitably, Steve was the first to adapt telephonic triage to industrially based injuries and the co-founding of the first Preemptive Telephonic Triage company in 1997. Continuing to push the cost-management envelope Steve created the first comprehensive workers’ compensation costs management model that eventually became Workers’ Compensation Company of America in 2006.

Gerald Cooper

Gerald has over 46 years experience in the insurance industry deeply involved as an agency owner, including sales leadership, SaaS technology, production, carrier underwriting, and captive – alternative risk financing.

He founded BizAssure in 1999 as a means to help brokers provide risk solutions and savings as part of the insurance sale. In 2014, he started the process to evolve the legacy BizAssure platform into a SaaS platform model, Rhapsodic Sales, with scalability as one of the key features. This platform now includes participation of not only agents and wholesalers, but policyholders, legal experts and business service professionals. Under his leadership BizAssure has developed a national network of law firms, over 2,500 lawyers, and over 100 professional service companies that enhance agents’ renewal and new sales efforts. BizAssure helps insurance professionals achieve higher closing rates, with an average increase in producer income of over 46% annually and an agency 5 year ROI of over 1200%.

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